Thursday, December 01, 2005

Government Waste

The government's own waste review- the Gershon Review- came up with £21 bn pa "efficiency savings". But it was seriously flawed, being more a series of aspirations than a serious attempt to identify waste.

The Tories' James Review came up with annual savings of £35 bn. But it was also flawed, not least because it took credit for the £21 bn of dubious savings identified by Gershon.

The Taxpayers' Alliance estimated total waste in 2004 at £81 bn.


Blogger Regards, ATF. said...

This "Government Waste", is only a part of the picture, the actual fraud and theft of the Taxpayers money is far worse. Your figures amount to £137 Billion. The Employees at Westminster and Whitehall,literally, steal another £100 Billion and more, of Taxpayers Money.
About the time "Wat Tyler" posted his BOM Factfile "Government Waste", David Varney, head of HMRC, was making remarks that "People were stealing "Tax Credits". I complained that Tax Credits were only of value if the HMRC, would cash them. It was then announced that employees at HMRC, were cashing the credits and stealing the Money.
For some years now, I have been trying to inform All Direct Taxpayers, that there is no need to pay Direct Taxation, to central Government ever again.
If you are prepared to change your Work and Payment Contract with your employer, you can ignore all demands from the Treasury and HMRC. And it is perfectly Legal.

These are just two Links for more info.:

This is not a commercial venture, there is no charge. And there is the Financial Funding promised, to build the tachnical structure needed.
Sign up for the journey out of this Political Wasteland. There will be "No Tomorrows" unless you abandon the "Last Century". Regards, ATF.

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Blogger archie b said...

has anyone tried to work out the amount wasted on consultants, money launderers (tribal, capita etc)and government funded advisory groups.

my money saving tip- stop wasting money on these parasites. Give the money directly to the delivery agencies schools, hospitals, colleges with funding following the customer/student/patient and police them with a very big stick to keep them on track. People will go to the best services. the rest will improve or close.

1:04 PM  

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